Run Flagstaff | Gait Analysis
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Gait Analysis

Experience our FREE one-on-one gait analysis!

Our method of finding the right fit for our customers includes identifying your foot type, biomechanics, and form. As specialist we know how important the design and development of a shoe must meet your needs. The goal of finding the right shoe is how the shoe appropriately affects muscle activity, reduces joint loading, improves comfort, and or improves performance. This service is free and no appointment is needed. At your convenience stop by and experience your ideal fit. Check out the video clip to see what it’s all about.

Our Fitting Process Includes

Profile:  Your history is important, tell us about your experiences, injuries past or present, and future goals.


Analysis: Our professionally trained staff will watch how your feet naturally flex, roll, and transition while walking, running, or standing to determine your foot structure and shape.


Purpose: Details such as, the surfaces you intend to use the shoes on, the type of cushion you prefer, and comfort are just a few quality examples that add to ideal fit and function.


Selection: By combining your history, gait analysis, and construction specifications we bring out the selection of shoes that are best suited for your needs.


Test: Try the shoes on and test them on our treadmill filming station. Our expert staff will replay the footage showing in detail how the mobility of your foot strike and gait is assisted by the shoe.