Vince Sherry

Store Owner/Run Specialty Guru

Since 1999 Vince has worked at several running specialty running stores around the country. Having both the personal experience of fitting thousands of runners, coupled with learning from some of the industry’s most seasoned experts, Vince has acquired extensive knowledge on running mechanics and running specific footwear. As the owner and shoe buyer for Run Flagstaff, Vince is on top of the latest trends and products in specialty running. Vince also spends a fair portion of his time coaching for Team Run Flagstaff and the online based Run SMART Project.


Sarah Sherry

Store Owner/Apparel and Accessory Buyer

When she’s not helping fit people for shoes, ordering up some sweet new Run Flagstaff apparel or teaching yoga at Northern AZ Yoga Center, you can find Sarah out on the trails with her dogs Baxter, Lucy, and P-Nut.


Shelly Breunig


Shelly is a long time resident of Flagstaff. “I am inspired daily by our customers and my coworkers. Flagstaff’s running community is incredibly diverse and supportive. I am humbled to be part of it.” When Shelly’s not running or hiking, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son. Shelly also pursues artistic endeavors, such as sewing and painting when time allows.




Nick hails from Reading, Pennsylvania and moved to Flagstaff in 2012. He's had a passion for running since discovering the sport in Jr. high school, and loves being a part of the dynamic and inclusive Flagstaff running community. Nick continues to compete on the roads and on the track, and loves the excitement and unpredictability of racing, especially the marathon. When not running, Nick spends his time with his wife, Sarah, and their two brown dogs, Rad and Benny, lounging on the sofa and exploring the trails around Flagstaff.


Kiya Dandena

Footwear and Gear Specialist

Kiya Dandena, Originally from Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, now lives in Flagstaff, AZ. Graduated from Texas A&M Kingsville in 2012 with Psychology and Sociology. Kiya enjoys spending time with friends and family, and loves cooking and trying new and exciting foods. He has worked at Texas Running Company in Sugar Land, TX as an assistant manager for over two years and now taking his talent to Run Flagstaff to help you and others achieve their goals in running.



Footwear and Gear Specialist

Delaney is from Folsom, California. She recently made the move to Flagstaff in 2017 to become a part of Northern Arizona University's cross country and track and field teams. After a first year of learning and acclimating to new life here in Flagstaff, Delaney is excited to be more involved in the local running community by joining the Run Flagstaff store.




Colin is a recent graduate from Liberty University, where he ran for the T&F/XC team for five years. He made the move to Flagstaff to pursue professional running and has a passion for the sport and for the running community. When Colin isn’t running he's either rolling out or stretching. He’s been a great addition to the squad!


Eric Fernandez

Footwear and Gear Specialist

Eric retired from professional running in mid-2017. Though he no longer competes in the sport of running, Eric enjoys staying involved in the Flagstaff running community. Post-athletic retirement, Eric happily works as a shoe and gear specialist at Run Flagstaff. An Arkansas Razorback alumni, avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, and amateur short-story teller -- Eric has a big personality and is a unique conversationalist. All-in-all Eric says ``All I want is the Cardinals in the post-season, and food on my table. Everything else in life is secondary.``