Not simply a retail running store. Our goal is to better the running community in Northern Arizona by giving back to our loyal customers. We were proud to be the title sponsorship of the Flagstaff Summer Racing Series and plan on continuing our sponsorship in the years to come.

We also donate to Team Run Flagstaff and Kids Run Flagstaff, which helps keep member dues extremely affordable. In addition to this we are sponsors for a number of other local races and events. Every year we host spike and flat nights for each of the local high schools, in which kids from each school are invited into the store to check out the latest in racing footwear in an exclusive evening for their team.

Throughout the year we host numerous packet pickups, special speakers, and group runs. We are proud of our store and proud of all we are able to do for the community. Check out the events and join us sometime!

We take great pride in our community. We support those individuals and organizations that are the very pulse of what makes Flagstaff a great place to live and train.

Take part in one of our events! Check out our Events Page.

WHY shop run flagstaff?

When you shop local your tax dollars support programs that build and maintain our trail systems, you also support pedestrian friendly metropolitan planning
— City of Flagstaff

Run Flagstaff opened as A Runner’s High in 2005. Local (at the time) Flagstaff engineer, mother and all around fitness enthusiast Alison Ryan saw need for a running store to serve our ever growing running community. She promptly hired Michael Friedberg to manage the store. A very successful runner, well liked and charismatic guy who happened to have a degree in accounting, Mike helped quickly get the store off the ground. After a couple of years Mike decided to move on and left the management duties to Vince Sherry.

In August of 2009 A Runner’s High was moved to the current location on Historic Route 66 and renamed Run Flagstaff. The store was named after the local running club founded by Mike Friedberg, Vince Sherry, Michael Smith, Phil Wharton, Jarod Scott and Chris Gomez. With the new location and the fresh logo on the window Run Flagstaff was off to a strong start to what we eventually become a major part of the growing Flagstaff running community. Alison sold the store to Vince and Sarah (Vince’s wife and apparel buyer).

Over the years Run Flagstaff has had the opportunity to employ some of the very best and most knowledgeable runners in town (and in this town that’s saying a lot). With decades of combined experience in the sport and specialty running amongst the staff, you can’t find a better place for all things running in Flagstaff. Whether you’re a long time veteran of the sport or just started today there’s always something new to discover about the latest running footwear or just running in Flagstaff…


Community Organizations and Charities We Support

Team Run Flagstaff

Northern Trail Runners Association

Mountain Charter School

Sechrist Elementary

Native Americans for Community Action


Northland Hospice

Children’s Health Center

Big Brothers Big Sisters

NAU Tri Jacks



Grand Canyon Youth

Go Big for Parkinson’s

Komen Foundation

Pat Tillman Foundation

Flagstaff Symphony

The experience here goes much further than just shopping and asking about the local trails. They regularly open their store after hours for the public to hold run specific classes and workshops from local and visiting experts in a surprisingly varied amount of subjects from nutrition to sports psychology, all free of charge. They also selflessly volunteer their precious time to help at the local Track Practices, Local Races and their help is not limited to just the elites of the sport. They also generously share their knowledge, experience and love of the sport by helping coach the local Step Into Running program that helps beginners reap the benefits of better health and vitality by guiding them safely from a sedentary to an a active running lifestyle. This is where the dollars you spend here goes, right back into the community plus you get a great kicking pair of running shoes to boot.
— Ray E. Flagstaff, AZ